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29 metres tall bell tower was opened in Haskovo


The bell tower was officially opened on 26th October in Haskovo. The bell tower will be opened for visitors from 10 November this year.

The new bell tower has 8 bells, which are operating by an electronic mechanism. Their ring will be heard in Haskovo every day at 12:00 PM with a different melodies. The construction is 29.5 metres tall and offers a remarkable wine staircase, which provides access to three levels of the tower. The construction of the bell tower was funded by the citizens of Haskovo. 400 000 BGN were invested in its construction.

The project also plans improvement of the regional infrastructure – new benches, green alleys and lightning.

The ceremony for the opening of the bell tower, coincided with the start of the project “Improvement of the park environment and walking areas for accessible architecture environment in Haskovo”. The project will be supported by Operation Program “Regional development 2007 – 2013”. The project will improve parks, green sites, children playgrounds, walking areas and cycling alleys will be also rehabilitated and reconstructed.



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