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Location: Hissarya is situated 364 m above the sea level in the southern foothills of Sredna Gora Mountains. It is 165 km from Sofia and 42 km away from Plovdiv.
The town is one of the biggest Bulgarian balneological resorts of worldwide fame. Hissar is ecologically clear. There are no industrial plants or factories in the region. It is rich in parks and green areas.

Spa & Wellness: The resort has very curative mineral waters with a temperature of 37-52 C. There are 22 mineral springs and the mineral water is light, clear, colourless, flavourless and tasty. It is slightly mineralized and is appropriate both for drinking and bathing . The mild climate, the fresh air and silence are excellent for combined therapies with mineral waters, aromatherapy, classical and eastern massages, mud procedures, acupuncture and many more.

Sightseeing: The symbol of the town is definitely the unique remains of Hissarya Fortress from the 3rd -4th centuries before AD. The fortress walls used to be 2200 metres long. The fortress also used to have defensive towers and fortress gates. Nowadays the present ancient town of Diocletianopolis (ex name of Hissar) has been declared an archaeological reserve. Only the Southern Gate, called The Camels, because its form resembles two camels and the Western “Pazardjishka” Gate are preserved now. In the archaeological complex many ancient tombs were found. The famous one is the Hissar Tomb, which is a Late Roman family tomb of the 4th century.

Vicinities: The unique Thracian cult centre of Starossel, near the village of Starossel is situated 20 km west of Hissar. It includes several temples, a variety of archaeological monuments and remains of rich royal tombs.

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