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Hissar is the new Spa Residence of the Balkans

VisitBulgaria.net, 09 June 2011

The Bulgarian town of Hissarya was voted for “The Spa Residence of the Balkans”. The title was given by the Balkan Alliance of Hotel Associations.

The city has stunning nature with many parks and gardens with old trees, dozens species of plants and flowers, and no factories. The tourism infrastructure is also well develop – all season tourism services, 22 mineral springs with temperature between 41 and 52 degrees, unique for all over the world.

The town has an interesting history. In the past town was called to Emperor Diocletsian who proclaimed it as residence. Here is situated the best preserve fortress wall from the late antiquity.

During celebrations of the town of Hissar in June, 10 it will officially proclaimed for “The Spa Residence of the Balkans”.



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