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Sofia > Meg-Lozenetz hotel

Prices from: 55 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: The 3-star "MEG-Lozenetz" Hotel is located in the central part of Sofia city and is the ideal place for tourists and businessmen, due to its walking-distance proximity to all government institutions, banks, cultural and historical sights.It is very close to the National Palace of ...

Blagoevgrad > Melnik > Melnik Hotel

Prices from: 20 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: Hotel Melnik is a nice and cozy hotel located in the heart of Melnik, surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the famous sand pyramids. The hotel is designed in the style of Bulgarian Renaissance houses this three-star hotel has retained the unique atmosphere of the ...

Bourgas > Lozenets > Merlin Hotel

Prices from: 46 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: “Merlin” resort is situated in the holiday village of Lozenets, on the Southern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, about 70 km from Bourgas International Airport via the E-87 international road. Only 300 m. (5 min. walk) separate Merlin Resort from the beaches and dunes of the sea, and ...

Blagoevgrad > Banya (Razlog) > Mineral 56 Guest House

Read inside for price information | Location: Suburbs

Location: Guest House "Mineral 56" is located in the resort village of Banya, famous for its thermal springs. The house is located 4 km from Bansko in the foot of the Pirin Mountain. The guest house is open all year round. Accommodation: The villa is tastefully furnished and offers 9 rooms, 4 ...

Blagoevgrad > Bansko > Mishel House

Prices from: 18 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: Mishel house is located 1000 m from the Gondola ski lift in Bansko ski resort and at 5 minutes walking distance from the centre of the resort. The hotel offers transport to the ski lift. Accommodation: The hotel offers 8 double rooms with double bed or two single ...

Sofia > Montecito hotel

Prices from: 26 € EUR | Location: Suburbs

Location: Montecito (ex. Gorublyansko Hanche) Hotel is located on the main boulevard of Tsarigradsko Shousse, leading towards Orlov Most and the central railway and bus stations. The airport is only 6 km away. Sofia Downtown is 10-12 km away. The hotel is also very close to Business Park ...

Bourgas > Sveti Vlas > Moonlight hotel

Read inside for price information | Location: Center

Location: Moonlight hotel is located 10 m from the private beach, 1 km from the centre of St. Vlas resort and 4 km from Sunny Beach resort. The bus stop is located in close proximity to the hotel. Accommodation: The hotel offers 92 rooms, 8 studios and 5 apartments. The ...

Smolyan > Pamporovo > MPM MerryAn Hotel

Read inside for price information | Location: Center

Location: MPM Hotel MerryAn is situated in the center of ski-resort Pamporovo. The hotel will impress you with its unique architectural aspects, which are made up in the spirit of Bulgarian architectural and building tradition, properly combined with modern interior ...

Dobrich > Albena > Mura Hotel

Prices from: 37 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: Hotel Mura is on the beach front. "Mura" hotel is next to the national reserve "Balata" –unique area for your pleasant healthy holiday. The Hotel complex offers "All Inclusive plus" services. Accommodation: The capacity of the hotel is 373 beds in 186 ...

Blagoevgrad > Bansko > Mura hotel

Prices from: 39 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: Mura hotel is located in the central part of Bansko mountain resort, 1500 m from the ski lift. The hotel offers shuttle-bus to the lift. Accommodation: The hotel features 73 double rooms (18 sq.m.). The rooms offer two single beds, heating, balcony, TV SAT, ...

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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net