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Blagoevgrad > Bansko > Green life ski & spa resort Bansko

Prices from: 50 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: Green life ski & spa resort Bansko is the new name of the former Paradiso Verde Ski and Golf Residence. This is a luxury holiday complex is located in the picturesque area of Gramadeto, at the foot of the northern slopes of Pirin Mountain and a few hundred metres from the centre ...

Plovdiv > Intelcoop Hotel

Prices from: 8 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: Intelcoop Hotel is situated in the quiet central part of Plovdiv. The hotel is located in one of the most quiet and tranquil residential areas in the city of Plovdiv - Kyuchuck Paris, to the south of the central railway station and Rhodopi Bus Station. Check in: ...

Plovdiv > Hissarya > Kamilite Family Hotel

Prices from: 20 € EUR | Location: Near center

Location: Family Hotel Kamilite is situated in close proximity to the southern gate of the fortification wall Kamilite, just 300 m from the mineral water swimming pool in Hissarya. The town's park is also nearby. Check in: 02.00 PM. Check out: 12.00 ...

Vidin > Belogradchik > Madona Guest House

Prices from: 18 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: MADONA Guest- House and Tavern is situated in the town of Belogradchik, 180 kilometers northwest from Sofia and 50 kilometers from Vidin. The altitude is 546 meters. Accommodation: Guest house Madona offers two bedrooms, three double rooms and one triple room, ...

Vidin > Belogradchik > Madona Inn

Prices from: 18 € EUR | Location:

Location: Madona Inn is situated in Falkovets, just 14 kilometers from the town of Belogradchik, 52 kilometers from the municipality town Vidin and 170 kilometers from the capital Sofia. It is the place where the natural phenomenon Belogradchik rocks starts from. The altitude is 266 ...

Sofia > Medik Hotel

Prices from: 20 € EUR | Location: Near center

Medic Hotel is a neat and cozy two- star hotel, offering excellent conditions to its guests. Location: Medic hotel is situated at a very strategic place in Sofia, near the National Palace of Culture. The communicative placement of the hotel makes it a favourite place ...

Bourgas > Elenite > Messambria Fort Beach

Prices from: 36 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: Messambria Fort Beach is located at the foot of the Balkan mountain and at the same time at a quiet southern bay with the romantic name Robinzon. Here you can enjoy permanently the serene waters of the sea. It is perfect for family holidays to recruit your health and strength. ...

Varna > mOdus Hotel

Prices from: 47 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: mOdus is a hotel with modern design and clear vision. Situated in the heart of Varna, right next to the entrance of the Sea Garden. Check in: 2.00 PM Check out: 12.00 PM Accommodation: The hotel has 29 rooms and 6 apartments. ...

Bourgas > Sunny Beach > MPM Orel Hotel

Prices from: 30 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: Hotel MPM Orel is situated right on the beach frontline, in close vicinity to the centre of Sunny Beach. Accommodation: MPM Orel hotel is situated in a 12 storey building and offers elevator, 143 double rooms. All rooms are comfortably furnished and offer balcony ...

Bourgas > Sunny Beach > Nessebar Fort Club

Prices from: 25 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: Nessebar Fort Club is situated in Sunny Beach region, next to the Aquapark. It is in the western part of the resort and only a few hundred metres from the sandy beaches. The complex is a place full of natural beauty and an exceptional combination of mountain and sea air. Garden ...

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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net