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2013/06/17 02:44:41

Spectacular show opens the festival at Perperikon

The thirteenth edition of the festival "Perperikon" will begin on June 22 at 21:00, with the "Samodivska wedding" dance performance by R. Buchvarova which will involve the spectators.
This was announced by the festival director Petar Savchov at a press conference.
According to Savchov performance impresses with attractive audio-visual aids and costumes for the creation of which were used over 20,000 beads and 600 light emitting diodes. Expected to attend is and the Culture Minister Petar...

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Tarpan days in the Eastern Rhodopes

Eastern Rhodopes will host a unique fest - Days devoted to tarpans (wild horses) on 27, 28 and 29 April 2012 near the village of Sbor, Krumovgrad Municipality.
The Tarpan days are organized by the Dutch-Bulgarian project New Thracian Gold (NTG). Tarpans live in the village since September 2011. They have been reintroduced in the Eastern Rhodopes with the support of NTG.

Bulgarian and Dutch experts and young eco volunteers will explain to visitors the role of the trapans in nature. They will...

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2011/09/08 10:17:55

Wild horses return back to Bulgaria

Wild horses, vanished thousands of years ago, were settled again, as part of a project for tourism development.

The initiative is taken bu the Bulgarian-Netherlands project, “The new Thracian gold” for recovery of the nature in the Eastern Rhodopean region.

The main idea of the project is to introduce the horses as a tourism attraction. Several nature parks on the Balkans are interested in the project.

The animals were brought in special vehicles from the Netherlands and were set free...

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2011/08/04 15:11:59

The Madonna of Perperikon

The Madonna of Perperikon is the newest find of the archaeologists’ team of Professor Nikolay Ovcharov this summer. The archaeologists came across a part of medieval necropolis, where a young woman with baby in hands was buried in a chamber hewn into the rock. The discovery was made during the excavations in the eastern part of the Acropolis. Most probably the burial dates back to the period X-XII century as on it underlies the wall of a medieval church from XIII-XIV century, prof. Ovcharov...

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2011/05/16 15:12:07

„Future with traditions” fest in Kardjali

The first edition of the “Future with traditions – Kardjali 2011” fest was held in Kardjali on 14th of May. It was the official opening of the tourism summer season.

The fest presents the cultural and historical heritage of the Eastern Rodopi mountain and the opportunities for tourism development.

More than 170 types of “Banitsa” and the traditional local “kupana banitsa” participated in the competition...

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Thracian Sanctuary in Tatul Served as Observatory

About 14 km to the northeast of Momchilgrad there is a village by the name of Tatul. The steep mountains around make no hint at the existence of one of the most remarkable Thracian sanctuaries in Bulgaria.
The Thracian system of rituals and beliefs revolved around the solar cult. For sure, the sanctuary in Tatul was used as an observatory of a kind for studying the movement of the Sun on certain days of the year.
The sanctuary is dated back to the 12th century BC. The complex consists of an...

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The hotels along the upper float of Arda river were full during the holidays

The hotels along the upper float of Arda River were completely occupied during the holidays, announced the mayor of Arda village – Emil Bashev.

The hotels for eco and rural tourism in the region of Arda, Mogilitsa and Smilyan marked a rise in the number of tourists. The guests of the hotels are mainly Bulgarians.
Some of the most popular activities were trekking in the mountain, horseback riding, alpine downhill by a rope in the canyons.

Despite the crisis in the tourism industry,...

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Bulgaria Archaeologists Find Unique Cult Complex at Perperikon

A team led by Bulgarian archaeologist Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov has uncovered an enormous cult complex at the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon in the Rhodoppe Mountains.

The complex consists of at least 9 altars each 2 meters in diameter located on an area of 12 square km. They are dated back to about 1 500 BC thanks to objects discovered around them, which is about the time of Ancient Egypt and the civilization of Mycenae and Minoan Crete. This is the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron...

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Bulgaria President Turns First Sod of Tourist Center at Perperikon

Bulgaria's President, Georgi Parvanov, turned Monday the first sod of the new tourist center at the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon.

The EUR 2,45 M tourist center is funded under the Trans-border Cooperation module of EU's PHARE Program.

Parvanov told the several hundred people who attended the ceremony that Perperikon was one of the symbols of Bulgaria's ancient history, and pointed out that the Bulgarian government had invested over BGN 10 M in the archaeological complex in the...

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New Tourist Center to Be Built in the Rhodopes

A tourist center for the cost of 2.4 M euro will be built by the archaeological Thracian complex Perperikon. A public procurement is open to select a company to carry out the construction. The idea is to make the historic heritage more diverse and to support the development of tourism at the border Bulgarian-Greek region in the east Rodopes. The funding of the project is part of EU PHARE program.

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