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Spectacular show opens the festival at Perperikon

VisitBulgaria.net, June 17, 2013

The thirteenth edition of the festival "Perperikon" will begin on June 22 at 21:00, with the "Samodivska wedding" dance performance by R. Buchvarova which will involve the spectators.
This was announced by the festival director Petar Savchov at a press conference.
According to Savchov performance impresses with attractive audio-visual aids and costumes for the creation of which were used over 20,000 beads and 600 light emitting diodes. Expected to attend is and the Culture Minister Petar Stoyanovich.
The next day, June 23 "Perperikon 2013" will continue with a concert of classical music based on poems by Goethe in Dramatic Theatre (SPT) 'D.Dimov "in Kardzhali, plus Bulgarian musicians and singers will participate from Finland - Dora Asterstad (violin) and Aapo Hakkinen (harpsichord).

For three days - 25, 26 and 27 of June guests will be able to see and appreciate the performances of the competition for best musical and dance performance, at the House of Culture in Kardzhali and DKT.
Winners will receive a financial support, which will help them fund future projects, announced Savchov. The festival will conclude with the traditional happenings at Perperikon, including spectacular reconstructions and the ceremony of the "Golden Perperikon" a prominent representative of the Bulgarian culture.



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