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2011/07/13 13:35:15

174 Cross the Balkan Mountains down Levski's Steps

A Russian, two Americans and an Englishman will take part in the national tourist march "Along the Apostle's Steps" due to start on Thursday. Total 174 people volunteered for crossing the Balkan Mountains on foot. They will start in six groups on routes of varying levels of difficulty. They will gather in Karlovo for Vassil Levski's birthday - July 19.

Vassil Levski or the Apostle of Freedom is Bulgarian national hero, the ideologist and strategist of the Bulgarian revolutionary movement of...

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2011/05/30 17:11:39

Karlovo Rose Festival 2011

Over 250 guests form Japan, Holland, Italy and the USA attend the Rose fest in Karlovo. They were able to attend the rose picking ritual, as well as rose rakia tasting.

The festivals will continue next weekend when Kazanlak will welcome guests from all over for the world.

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2011/05/12 12:26:09

Foreign tourists participated in Karlovo Rose Fest

The Rose Fest in Karlovo starts on 28th of May. More than 250 foreign tourists will take part in the activities of the fest.

Every year people from Italy, Holland, Japan and America arrived in Karlovo to observe the traditional rose picking ritual.

Participants can see demonstration of the producer process of a rose oil. Part of the program is tasting of foods and beverages prepared from rose oil and the folklore dance “Rozober” created especially for the fest.

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Cross-Country Mountain Bike weekend in Karlovo and the Rose valley

For the first time the Bulgarian town of Karlovo will host a Cross-Country Mountain Bike race (XC Open Cup) on June 12 – 13, 2010.

All of you are invited to take part in the event. Cross-Country Mountain Biking is the least extreme compared to the other styles of Mountain Biking. The adventure and the feeling of freedom and being with nature are all facets of Cross-Country Mountain Biking.

The Program of the event:

Day 1st (Saturday – June 12, 2010):

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Karlovo Holidays

Karlovo town will celebrate its official holiday on 18th July. This year the town will mark 172 years since the birth of Vasil Levski – Bulgaria’s “Apostle of Freedom”.

Tourists form all over Bulgaria visit the site to pay tribute before the heroic deeds of the great son of Bulgaria – Vassil Levski. Karlovo municipal will surprise all guests and residents of the resort with rich cultural program.

XVIII National Fair – Tribute Day of Vassil Levski

Holiday of Karlovo...

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Karlovo municipal develops a tourism strategy for 2008 – 2013

Karlovo municipal develops a strategy for development of tourism for the period 2008 – 2013, as well as an action plan. The strategy is about to be reviews before the Tourism Council in Karlovo, pointed the mayor of Karlovo. The experts started developing a tourism package for archaeology tourism in Plovdiv region.

Over 1500 threes were planted last spring in Karlovo and the nearby villages. Over 1200 shrubs were planted in “Vodopad” park (waterfal), on “Vasil Levski” stadium and other sites...

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60 Million EUR to be Invested in Golf Course Construction near Bulgaria's Banya

Karlovo municipality and Banya Golf and Spa Resort will discuss the opportunity for developing the town of Banya as a resort.
The municipality council and the investor will discuss the possibility for a public-private partnership, Focus news agency reported.

Investment will reach 60 million euro for the period of several years.

The company to be created will have 34 per cent municipality ownership and 66 per cent shareholding of the private investor.

Municipality ownership has been...

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4 investors propose Bania area golf, spa developments

Four companies are seeking the approval of the local government in the Bulgarian town of Bania, in the mountainous Karlovo region, to develop spa and golf tourism in the area.

The Karlovo municipal council, which has jurisdiction in Bania, will review the submissions on July 10.

One of the entries comes from local businessman Hristo Danov. It is submitted on behalf of the Bania soccer club presided over by Danov.

The other 3 proposals have been collecting dust in the municipal...

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Archeologists Discover 5000-year old Golden Treasure in Dubene Village

Archaeologists from the National History Museum (NHM) in Sofia found a 5000-year old treasure near the village of Dubene in the region of Karlovo.

Decorations are in the form of spirals made of a thin tubule of almost pure gold, Focus news agency reported.

The find was made during excavation works in small pre-historic mounds.

The spirals are the only ones of their kind among all pre-historic discoveries in Bulgaria. They were found together with eight different ceramic vessels on...

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