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174 Cross the Balkan Mountains down Levski's Steps

Standart daily, Evgeni Goranov

A Russian, two Americans and an Englishman will take part in the national tourist march "Along the Apostle's Steps" due to start on Thursday. Total 174 people volunteered for crossing the Balkan Mountains on foot. They will start in six groups on routes of varying levels of difficulty. They will gather in Karlovo for Vassil Levski's birthday - July 19.

Vassil Levski or the Apostle of Freedom is Bulgarian national hero, the ideologist and strategist of the Bulgarian revolutionary movement of the end of the 19th century.
Five of the tourists are of Turkish origin. "Two thirds of the participants are secondary and higher students," reported Vassil Kopchev, founder and leader of the march. The oldest participant is 70-year-old and will lead one of the groups. Vassil Chardakliev, a kin to Vassil Levski will lead another of the groups.

The youngest mountaineer is Teodora Hadjieva, she has not turned three yet and will cross the mountains on the shoulders of her parents.



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