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Location: Kavarna is situated 48 km north from Varna and 518 km northeast from the capital Sofia. The town is one the fastest developing sea resorts. During the last years the town hosts many music events. It is hard to enumerate the world famous rock bands that have played their hits in Kavarna.

History: The region was settled during the ancient times. The Thracian settlement was called Bizone. Later it became one of the numerous Greek colonies at the Black seacoast. Around 1st century B. C. it was part of Roman and later of Byzantine empires. After the foundation of Bulgaria the town had changed its name several times. It was called Karvuna, Karbona, Karnava and at least Kavarna. Before the Ottoman Slavery Kavarna was independent principality. On the eve of the Russian – Turkish Liberation war the citizens of Kavarna had rose against the Turks and the town was destroyed. After the Liberation it was rebuilt.

Sightseeing: When you are in Kavarna you will be definitely impressed by cape Chirakman with its cliff slope. There are remains from roman villas on the top. They had survived after the devastating earthquake in the ancient times. The front part of cape Chirakman divided and went down in the sea with the richest citizens of the town. There are well preserved Turkish bath (Hamam), medieval necropolis, interesting bridge, churches, and many fountains, one of them dates back from 15 century, in the town. Many valuable finds are displayed in the historical museum. The exposure is being extended by the renovated underwater archeological researches. The ethnography complex is very attractive too. It embraces the most important and unique architectural wealth of the region. The harbor of Kavarna is very pleasant site for walking and it at it has own charm and atmosphere. 6 of the storehouses there are declared to be architectural monuments. They look like a small revival village with interesting architecture and narrow cobblestone streets.

Vicinities: Cape Kaliakra and the Thirizieus fortress are situated 12 km northeast from Kavarna. The legend says that several girls winded their hairs and jumped from the rocks in the sea not to be captured alive by the Turkish invaders. Further in northern direction Kamen Briag (Stone Shore) village and the unique archeological reserve “Yaila” are situated.

Events: The most important experience for you is that you will have perfect vacation in Kavarna. But except this Kavarna hosts many folklore, pop and rock festivals with the participation of legendary bands. An Extreme sports festival takes place in the end of the summer.

Photos from Kavarna


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