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New routes will take tourists at the Valley of roses and the Thracian kings

40 routes are developed for the project “The valley of roses and the Thracian kings” part of the regional tourism marketing concept.

These routes are combined in 5 complex tourism packages, explained the mayor of Kazanlak Galina Stoyanova. The travel packages combine several themes - “Thracian heritage”, “The rose and the festival of roses”, “Cradle of the Renaissance culture and struggle for national liberation”, “The best site for air sports and adventures”, “Spa and wellness all year...

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2012/08/05 16:47:58

Touched by antiquity festival in Kazanlak

The stories fir the Thracian warier and priests, mythical creatures and heroes will become alive during the Festival in the Valley of the Thracian Kings

Craftsmen from the region will present ancient and contemporary techniques during the fair of the Thracian crafts. The Thracian legends will be presented through the attractive spectacle “The new Thracian”. Legends and natural elements will become alive through ancient rituals, music, dance and fire.

Photographers will present their art...

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Bulgaria is the biggest producer of lavender oil in the World

Bulgaria is N 1 in the world in the production of lavender oil. In 2011 Bulgaria produced between 45-50 tons of lavender oil. The former leader in the production of lavender oil - France produces only 25-30 tons a year. The two countries produce 75% of the world production of lavender oil, France press informed.
Some 80-90% of the lavender oil production in Bulgaria is exported for France. The biggest number of lavender fields in Bulgaria are in the region of the town of Kazanluk. A kilogram...

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2012/02/06 14:18:41

Etno, Jazz, fusion and classic music will entertain all guests of the Rose festival 2012

The beauty of the Bulgarian folklore, interpreted in jazz, classics, fusion and drum and base will attract all music fans at the Festival of roses this year. This season the festival will last from 19th may until 24 June and the music program will include two leading lines combined in “EtnikaFEST” and “OpeROSE”.

Teodosii Spasov will present his project “Heaven strings” on 24th May 2012.

Due to the high tourist interest, the folklore ensembles from the municipal will present the “Rose...

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2012/01/23 10:51:29

The rose festival in Kazalnak will be held for more than a month

The traditional rose festival in Kazanlak will be held from 19 may to 24th July this year. This year the festival will be transformed into a multi-style Festival of nature, traditions and art in Kazalnak.

The event will start on 19th May with “OpeRose” - a mini festival dedicated to Emanuil Manolov – author of the first Bulgarian opera, written for the Kazanlak Opera theatre. The festive program of Kazanlak will offer music for everyone – all fans of ethno, jazz and camera music, open air...

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2011/06/05 19:34:34

Kazanlak hosted the traditional Rose festival this weekend

Simona Petkova is this year's Queen Rose in Kazanlak

Following the tradition Kazanlak welcomed tourists form all over the world for the Rose festival. The festival started with the “”Rose picking” ritual nearby the Enina village near Kazanlak.

The culmination of the festival was the traditional carnival, lead by the mayor of the town and Queen Rose – Simona Petkova and Queen Grasse from France. The ambassadors of Japan, Germany, Great Britain, China, South Korea, Moldova, Gruzia,...

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2011/06/03 14:05:01

The Rose Fest in Kazanlak celebrates 108 years

The Rose Festival was celebrated for the first time in 1903. Today is the 108 anniversary of the festival.

Traditional rituals like rose picking and rose boiling in the rose valley are part of the program and this year. There will be also concerts, exhibitions, Queen Rose competition and festive procession.

Official guests of the Rose Fest are people from friendly towns in Hungary, Romania,...

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Bulgaria Sends Rose Oil to Space

Solomon Passy - Bulgarian politician and foreign minister (2001-2005) handed to US astronaut Marsha Ivins a phial with rose oil. She promised the phial would reach the international space station and would get into orbit. "The voice of Valya Balkanska (singer of traditional Bulgarian folklore songs) is rambling in the space, but we haven't sent yet Bulgarian wine and computers," Solomon Passy joked.

Marsha Ivins delivered a lecture "Life and Work in Space - Today and in Future". "If we want...

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Thracian tomb near Kazanlak attracts scores of international tourists

Each year, thousands and thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to the Thracian tomb near the town of Kazanlak in Central Bulgaria.

The tomb dates back to the late 4th and early 3rd centuries B.C.E. In 1979 it was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list of cultural and natural sites.

The tomb owes its popularity to its unique ancient mural paintings.

The original of the tomb can only be visited by special delegations. Its copy, placed next to it, is open for the wider...

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Saudi Prince to Fund Bulgarian Archeological Thracian City Project

The nephew of the Saudi King Abdullah is going to take part in the project for the exposure of the Thracian city, Sevtopolis.

Sevtopolis is under the waters of the dam "Koprinka" in southern Bulgaria, near the city of Kazanlak.

Prince Allulid bin Tallal Al Saud is known for his weakness for historical and cultural remains all over the world and has expressed his desire to fund the Bulgarian archeological project.

The Prince is scheduled to visit Bulgaria in the beginning of July and...

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