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Oh miracle! Oh, picture! Landed on those rocks-
on this huge throne of thunders and eagles,-

“On Kom” Ivan Vazov

Bercovitsa- charming throughout all four seasons

Owing to the beauty of its virgin environment, the Balkan of berkovitsa is a wonder place for tourism, sports and leisure.

The Kom Tourist and Sport complex is located just 15 kilometres away from the town, 12 kilometres from Petrohan gorge and 1500 meters above the sea level. Kom peak itself is 2016 meters above the sea level.
The snow cover in the site lasts for almost five months, which determines nice skiing contritions for the ski and snowboard lovers. The complex offers alpine and running types of ski- run, surrounded by ancient threes (the “Upper Whirl” Reserve), serviced by two drag lifts.

Besides the cracking snow and white winter silence, the region down the Kom summit is suitable for bicycle ride, delta and paraplanerism. The place is generally used as a starting point for many tourism itineraries (Kom- Emine, International itinerary route E-3 from the Atlantic Ocean to the mediteranean, Kom- Belogradchik, etc.)

Photos from Kom


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