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Koprivshtitsa is a small picturesque town in the heart of Sredna Gora Mountain. It is situated 110 km southeast away from Sofia and 80 km away northwest from Plovdiv. The town preserves the atmosphere of the Revival period and rich historical heritage. Koprivstitsa was declared to be museum town.

History: It is said that the town was founded by the boyars who left Tarnovo after the ottoman invaders conquered the town. Many merchants and stock – breeders settled the place too. The Ottoman government gave some privileges to the town so its citizens kept their prosperity and well – being. The crafts and the trade thrived in Koprivshtitsa and the town became cultural and economic centre within the limits of Ottoman Empire. Its wealth attracted the robber bands and Koprivshtitsa was burned down three times, the last one was in 1810. But the town was renovated and continued its development.

It is surprising how many great persons like the revolutionaries Liuben Karavelov, Todor Kableshkov and Georgi Bemkovski, the poet Dimcho Debelianov, the politician Petko Karavelov and many others were born in Koprivshtitsa. Here was given the first shot that marked the beginning of the April uprising.

Landmarks: Koprivshtitsa is full of landmarks and historical monuments. The house museums of Liuben Karavelov, Todor Kableshkov and Georgi Bemkovski keep many interesting facts and documents about the life and work of the great Bulgarian revolutionaries. Inside the Oselkova and Lutova houses the visitors can feel the atmosphere of the typical Bulgarian home. The house museum of the great Bulgarian poet Dimcho Debelianov is huddled between two big pine trees and if you cross the doorstep of the inner courtyard you will understand his verse “Do you remember the silent backyard”

The whole town gives the feeling of complete coziness and calmness. There are many taverns and restaurants that leave unforgettable memories with delicious dishes and unique atmosphere.

Photos from Koprivshtitsa


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