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If you are a mountain lover and adventure taker…
If you want to relax amongst nature or maybe have extreme fun with friends…
If you want to ride horses or probably just sit on a colorful Bulgarian carpet in front of the fireplace with a glass of aromatic wine in your hand…then Kostenkovtsi is the right place for you.
Fresh mountain air, clear blue skies, Bulgarian atmosphere and plenty of delicious Bulgarian food… Just do not hesitate; give it a try right away!

Location: Situated on the slopes of the Balkan Mountain Range above Gabrovo city, Kostenkovtsi Village reveals beautiful panoramic views of big shadow trees and green meadows, checkered with tiny flowers all over.
The village is really small, just a row of beautiful old styled houses, rich in wooden details and iron decorations. The houses have nice gardens, chirruping hens, turkey cocks and white- bearded goats walking proudly inside the yards.

The ecology tourism: Kostenkovtsi has its own dairy farm, where the tourists can feel the taste of the homemade yoghurt and typical Bulgarian white and yellow cheese. Nearby the farm a horseback riding base is located. The horses are riding free along the grass, their beautiful mane flowing in the air. The tourists can pick up a horse and a professional jockey will train them to ride safely.

The mehana: A real attraction for the visitors of the village is the “Gold Coin” Mehana. The typical Bulgarian restaurant is furnished in an old traditional style, handmade covers on the tables, national costumes and history maps on the walls and copper and clay potteries hanging over the fireplaces. The waiters will serve you “mlechna” salad, Bulgarian dry appetizers, delicious cooked meals and great homemade cakes and melons with honey & nuts. Of course the holiday will not be complete without the special aromatic wine. The mavroud wine in the “Gold Coin” is exclusively made and bolted for the mehana.

Vicinities: Kostenkovtsi is situated in very rich in natural and cultural attractions region. Dryanovski Monastery, Preobrajenski, Sokolski and Kilifarevski Monasteries are located nearby. Bojentsi and Arbanasi Architecture Resorts are pretty close as well. Other attractions worth to be visited are Bacho Kiro cave, the waterfalls by Dryanovo and the Dryanovo Eco trail.

Photos from Kostenkovtsi


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