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Location: Kotel is located in a picturesque valley in the Eastern parts of Stara Planina, 527 metres above the sea level. It is situated 328 metres east of Sofia and only 50 km away from the regional centre of Sliven.

Nature: Kotel has very nice and preserved nature, fresh mountain air and clean mountain springs. It is a cultural historical settlement and is called the “Cradle of the Renaissance”. Kotel also used to be the greatest centre of carpet weaving in the past, famous for its nice art works. Rich history, Renaissance architecture, and beautiful mountains – all these are attracting tourists from all over.

Sightseeing: Kotel is announced an architecture preserve, keeping 110 houses from the National Revival period. A really interesting spot to visit in the town is the Galatansko School, where a nice exposition of weaved carpets is exhibited. The ethnographic museum is held in Kyorpeevata House. The Nature and Science Museum exhibits a large variety of the species, found in the region. The churches “St. Trinity” and St. St Peter and Pavel preserve nice old wood carvings and artworks. Kotel is also home of “Filip Kutev” school, which is the first high school for folklore singing and music in Bulgaria.

Vicinities: The famous village of Geravna is found only 14 km away from Kotel. Geravna is known for its unique ancient houses – memorials of art and old Bulgarian lifestyle.
Very close by are the old National Revival architecture villages of Medven and Gradets.

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