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General Info: Kranevo is a resort village on the seaside. The sea is shallow and allows safe baths for children. The name of the village comes from Kraneia fortress. In 1968 mineral water 24°C was found in the site. Kranevska River is flowing close by the village. The climate is strongly influenced by the sea. The summer is sunny and hot.

Kranevo fascinates tourists with its whitewashed houses and red-tile roofs. Every house has a flower garden and a vine arbour where beaming hostesses welcome their guests and treat them to some chilled grape brandy. Home- made dishes are usually prepared with vegetables and fruits grown by the landlords.

The Beaches: The beach is wide and covered with light sand. Sea is shallow with slight inclination. Just by the coastline are situated the camps “International” and “Exotic”. North from Kranevo is the valley of Batova river.

Vicinities: “Golden sands” and Albena are very close to the small village of Kranevo. Tourists can take a pleasant walk along the beach to Albena.
There is a regular bus transport to Varna, Dobrich, Balchik and Kavarna.

Photos from Kranevo


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