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Location: Kresna is located in Southwestern Bulgaria by the river valley of Struma. The river had carved the 20 km long picturesque and fantastic Kresna gorge. The town is 135 km south of Sofia and 35 km south of the district town Blagoevgrad.

History: There are many archeological finds in the region, which are evidence that the region was settled from the ancient times. Some scientists make a guess that this is the place where the first town Aleksandria was built. This is one of the 60 towns with called Aleksandria, built by Aleksander the Great in different spots around the world. The history of Kresna is tightly related with the Kresna–Razlog uprising. It burst out on 05. 10. 1878 as a result of the unfair division of Bulgaria after the Congress of Berlin. Unfortunately it was short-lived and unsuccessful try for liberation of the Southwestern parts of Bulgaria.

Sightseeing: The centre of Kresna is small and cosy with its fresh fountains. “St. Prophet Ilyia” Monastery is about 7 km away from Kresna at the foot of Maleshevska Mountain. Gradeshka banya site, famous with its mineral springs, is situated around the nearby village of Vlahi. Kresna is starting point to the beautiful Sinanitsa Lake at the foot of Sinanitsa Peak in Pirin. This is a popular, magnificent resort site. There is a snug lodge on the shore of the lake.

Photos from Kresna


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