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Rafting Season 2009 – Official Opening

Georgi Georgiev, www.VisitBulgaria.NET

The spring is the time when the nature wakes up, the birds are coming home, the trees are putting forth leaves to shelter their flying, singing dwellers and the rivers are fast and wild like the blood in the veins of everyone who loves extreme sports and trilling experiences.

The spring is also the time when the rafting season in Bulgaria starts. The official opening took place on 04.04.09, in Kresna Gorge, where Struma River runs wildly, giving the best conditions for rafting and kayaking in Bulgaria.

More that 10 sport clubs gathered in the region of Kresna Gorge to mark the beginning of the new Rafting season. The river was very high watered and the wild swift currents promised a real extreme adventure. The event started about 11 o’clock with a press conference. All the teams gathered on the rock above the river, which usually is the starting point of the demonstrations. It is about 2 kilometres upstream from Kresnensko hanche site. There are many underwater rocks and many dangerous swift currents, so the site is very spectacular when the boats are passing by, tossing into the boiling water.

The organizers and team representatives held speech. They were talking about the Struma River and the development of rafting and kayaking in Bulgaria. Kayaking in the fast waters is in practice more than 20 years in our country. The rafting became also very popular during the last 10 years. Since 2006 Bulgarian rafting teams are taking part into the international competitions and last year Struma River and Kresna Gorge were hosts of a round of the European Rafting Cup.

The press conference was over and it was time for the demonstrations. The best rafters and kayakers rushed into the wild river, overcoming the waves and swift currents skillfully.

The demonstration finished several kilometers downstream at a beautiful glade beside the river. When all teams and the audience reached there, the rafters and kayakers prepared for the next attraction. It was rafting and kayaking slalom. The athletes raced with their boats passing through the specially installed gates. Afterwards it was the time for everyone who wanted to try the thrill of wild go with the stream of the high watered Struma River.

That is how the rafting season 2009 was opened. Once again, the rafting and kayaking teams had organized an unforgettable experience for them and mostly for their guests. Of coarse the party went on during the night. A tent camp was arranged on the banks of the river, where the music and entertainments had no end. And this could not be possible without such a natural phenomenon, like gorgeous Kresna Gorge. So, we have to keep in mind that our existence is tightly connected with the nature and we have to look after it. Remember that and have fun by the river of Kresna Gorge.



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