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Location: Lom is a town in northwestern Bulgaria. It is situated in Montana Region and is the second largest town in the Region. The town is stretching along the bank of the Danube river, where Lom River flows into the Danube River. It is 162 km north of Sofia and 56 km southeast of Vidin. The town is the biggest and majour port in northwestern Bulgaria. The important role of the port town is determined by its close location to the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia.

History: Lom is a town with significant history. The Thracians from the time of Herodotus called the settlement Artenes. Later in the 29th year AC, the Romans built a castle and a road station in the site and called it Almus. It is considered that the name of the town comes from the river that flows close by.
Almus was situated on a Roman road along the Danube River. Its western part was constructed during the rule of Tiberius emperor. During the early 30ties of the II century AC Almus was part of the Ratsiaria region (today’s Archar village) in the Upper (Superior) Moesia province.

The first reports of Lom in the lands of the First Bulgarian Kingdom are from the time of Tervel khan (700 – 718 AC). It is considered that the Slavs, who inhabited the region, named it Lom. During the Second Bulgarian Government the settlement thrives.

The town is in its economy and cultural development during the 30’s of XIX century. In 1837 the Austrian ship “Arpad” was the first to cast anchor at Lom, and during the following year a shipping agency was opened of the imperial and Royal Privileged Danubian Shipping Society. Gradually Lom became a mojour export port for Vienna.

Lom appears on the European map in the XVIII century. By the end of the century the annihilated Turkish army settles in the region. The town was than announces as one of the most remarkable towns in the map of the “European part of Turkey”.

The economy upsurge of the town and the busy connections with Europe were a prerequisite for the cultural – educational development of the town.
In 1894 the Czechs Malotin and Hosman opened the beer factory in Lom, today’s “Lomsko Pivo” JSC. The live economy development of the town attracted numerous banks, trading bureaus, European and American companies. At the beginning of the XX century numerous rich families build their homes in “late secession” style, projected by Austrian, Italian and German architects, which today are the town’s pride.

Places to visit: The town’s history museum is in an interesting building of the old municipal administration. The bases of the antique fortress Almus are still preserved and are one of the majour tourism attractions in the town. The Borunkska Church and the monument of Tseko Voivoda (1807 - 1881) who participated in the struggles for liberation of Serbia and announced by its government as a voivoda are other sites of interest.

The remains of the bridge of Asparuh (4 km southeast of the town) are also a favorite attraction for locals and guests of the town. The big river provides good conditions for fishing, water sports, swimming and etc. Numerous holiday homes, entertainment places and restaurants provide great conditions for sport and recreation in the town.

Every year around September 17th, the town hosts the traditional fair days. The last weekend of June the “Strelbishteto” site hosts a motor fair. Motor club “Yagula” organizes the event. It always coincides with July morning event, which is celebrated every year in the town.

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