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Location: Lozenets beach resort is situated right between Kiten and Tsarevo. It is 60 kilometers south of Bourgas. This small paradise site is recently attracting many tourists who want to escape the big and nosy commercial resorts.
The village has a long and picturesque beach with two nearby situated campsites.

History: Accoring to the locals the village was founded 80 years ago, by romantic people from the nearby village Velika, which does not face the sea. They came here, because of the waves, sea-mews and the sea breeze. The village was first named after the popular wine sort “Emberly”, and later was renamed to Lozenets, because of the numerous vine massifs nearby. Today Lozenets is developing fast and forms as an attractive seaside resort. The development of the resort is helped by the fact tat many famous personalities from Bulgaria – artists, musicians, politicians own villas in the village, and spend each summer in the resort.

Fun and Sports: If you are on a vacation in Lozenets you can have a great fun. There is a surf school at the northern part of the beach. You can have the thrilling experience of riding the waves by surf kite and you definitely love it. You can also sail the sea on yacht like a real old sea-wolf.
Tourists can take a mountain bike excursion round Natural Park “Strandzha” or round the “Ropotamo” reserve. Visiting these sites you can feel the purity of the unspoiled countryside. There are places that have never been explored by humans and you might be the first one.
Taking a boat trip down the Ropotamo River or Veleka River is another unforgettable experience. The Ropotamo River is famous with its calm pure waters and the thick ('Longoz') forest along its banks, otherwise typical for tropical climates.

Lozenets is one of the places, where you can spend your time lying on the golden sand beach and relaxing in cosy hotels. You can have fun surfing the waves or to take real adventure trip among the wild nature of the surrounding areas. Lozenets offers whatever you want - calm rest or extreme excitements and you will definitely spend a lovely holiday here.

Although Lozenets is a small resort, it offers wild and dynamic nightlife. Clubs like “Alcohol”, “By the Way”, “360 degrees” are emblematic for the resort, as the party there literally lasts 24-7. The exciting combination of extreme experience and active night emotions, turn Lozenets into an attractive site for young tourists, as well as more steady tourists, who still can find relaxing and calm atmosphere in the resort, without being disturbed by the non-stop party marathons.

Lozenets as a whole is one of the sites, where you can lie on the golden beaches and relax in a cosy hotel, and the next day surf along the waves and rush forward to a crazy adventure among the wild nature. Lozenets offers everything that you need – relax and extreme emotions, and your pleasant stay is guaranteed.

During the last few years Lozenets became an attractive oasis for young professionals from the big city. The village ideally suites the active workers, by offering pleasures relax and entertainment, relax and entertainment, lacking in our fast city everyday life. You can find everything you dream of in the resort:
The real sandy beach, long and wide, can be compared with the coastline of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. The azure, clear and warm sea, combined with a rocky cape and numerous fairy deserted beaches nearby. Enjoy long and hot south days under the hot sun and blue sky. Great opportunities for active holiday and water sports – surf, kite, yachting. Or just relax on the beach under umbrella with refreshments. Good entertainment and the party atmosphere of the big city.
There is no sign of the urban vanity and never ending competition, on the contrary, we live calm and simple life. This is the real holiday.
And the most important thing is that Lozenets is far away from the noise and crowd of the commercial resorts.

Photos from Lozenets


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