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Location: Lukovit is situated in Lovech District. A main road between Sofia and Rousse passes through the town. Lukovit is located only 99 km from the capital of Sofia and 45 km from the beautiful town of Pleven.

Sighgtseeing: The vicinities of Lukovit are situated in the canyon of Zlatna Panega river. Many natural phenomenons, including the local rock formations “Kuklite” (“The Dolls”) and the karstic plateau of Karlukovo are in the area.

Routes: The region of Lukovit is rich in natural beauties. There are many eco-paths and routes in the area. Special routes in “Prohodna “, “Tamnata dupka”, “Svirchovitza” and "Saeva Dupka" caves are available.

Vicinities: Glozhene Monastery is situated only 25 km from Lukovit. Saevata Dupka cave is also very close by, in the village of Brestnitsa. A great attraction to visitors is also "The Blue Ostriches" Farm in the village of Yablanitsa.

Photos from Lukovit


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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

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