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Madara village is situated 15 km away from the district town Shoumen. Here is one of the most interesting landmarks in Bulgaria, the “Madara Horseman”. A relief of horseman in life-size is cut on a cliff at 25 metres above the ground. It features a rider, tracked by a dog, piercing a lion. The inscriptions around the image date from the time of Bulgarian khans Tervel, Kormisosh and Omurtag. The monument is listed in the UNESCO book of memorials of world significance. Other archeological memorials in this region date from ˛V century BC to XV century AC. They are so significant that give the explorers reason to call Madara “Bulgarian Troia”. Madara is place full of mysticism and secrets. Here was the main sanctuary of the Bulgarians from the time of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. You can see a pagan shrines, churches and chapels. During the XIV the biggest rock monastery in Bulgaria with more than 150 cells cut in the rock was created in the plateau. Now there is a reconstruction of wooden monastic sell, and a small chapel in the rocks. On the top of Madara plateau is situated Madara Fortress and there is ruins of Roman villa at the foot of the plateau.

Photos from Madara


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