VisitBulgaria.NET Gift Card

The best gift – a gift card for an unforgettable holiday in Bulgaria with Silky Holidays ltd.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a close and special friend, you can consider the holiday gift cards provided by Silky Holidays and VisitBulgaria.NET.
The gift card is valid for all services provided in www.VisitBugaria.NET. Thus your friends can choose the perfect holiday on their own.

The gift card is also a great reward for your employees.

You can easily show your appreciation to your team, by rewarding them with an unforgettable holiday. They will surely remember the nice experience. We offer thousands of holiday offers in Bulgaria, which will inspire you and will fill you with energy. Our gift cards are a very flexible tool and are ideal for long term advertisement campaigns.

You can individually choose the value of your gift card and it will be valid for one year after it's been issued. All services and products offered in www.VisitBulgaria.NET can be purchased with the gift card to the amount if it's value.
In case that the tourists choose a product at a higher price, he can bay the rest of the amount on his own. It the service costs less than the value of the gift card, the rest of the amount will be kept for future bookings.

Order your gift card online now!



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