The best of Bulgaria in a new application for iPad

Bg Daily News, October 11, 2013

THE BEST OF BULGARIA is the latest application for iPad presented last night by the international marketing consultant Dr. Barbara Page - Roberts to politicians, businessmen and diplomats. Dr. Roberts, who was British, but has been living in Bulgaria, headed the team of Bulgarian designers, photographers, artists, web developer in editors, who for two years developed a unique product.

THE BEST OF BULGARIA was the first of a series of applications in Bulgarian and in English, designed for people, who are interested in Bulgaria, by people who love Bulgaria. Best of Bulgaria is presented primarily through photographs of exceptional quality, with brief announcements. The annex collected 420 original photographs taken by 52 photographers in 80 towns and villages of the country and sorted into 15 categories. A special section presents 18 Bulgarians, whose achievements in various fields of science, culture, sports and social life is an occasion for national pride. Among them are Carl Djerassi, John Atanasov, Irina Bokova, Elias Canetti, Theodosii Spassov Yordan Yovchev, Ralitsa Vassileva.

"I created the project because I love Bulgaria", says Dr. Barbara Page - Roberts." I would really like using it to encourage young Bulgarians living in Bulgaria or abroad, to think positively about their homeland and the achievements of its people. And - if you are Bulgarians living abroad and want to show off your country to their friends, or to tell your children about this country and its people, or are guests of Bulgaria and want to know better, or just have a desire to learn more about Bulgaria - applications THE BEST OF BULGARIA are for you ", she said.

On 18th of October in Brussels Dr. Barbara Page-Roberts will present the draft within a day of good news - Bulgaria, the purpose of which is to show that there is good news related to Bulgaria. The event is a group of NGOs coordinated by Bridget Czarnota, head of the European Commission to Bulgaria's accession to the European Union in 2007
Demo version of the application is already gaining popularity on the Internet, interest in it is from within the country and abroad . According to statistics, 27% of withdrawn products are from Bulgaria, 20% U.S., 17% in Russia, 18% from other European countries. By the end of October, the full version of the application will be available in the electronic application store of Apple. It is planned to be released and versions for iPhone and Android.



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