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Location: Mezdra is situated on the left bank of Iskar River, very close to the picturesque Iskar Gorge. The town is located 15 km away from Vratsa regional centre and 100 km south-east of the capital Sofia.

History: Traces from the Neolith and the Copper age are found in the area. During the Roman domination the town used to be ancient settlement with a stronghold, perched on the rocks and facing the Iskar River. The nowadays ruins of the fortress are called “Kaleto”.

Sightseeing: An interesting sightseeing spot is the Art Gallery, which represents a rich collection of sculptures. Mezdra is also famous with its beer factory, producing the Bulgarian beer brand ‘Ledenika” (which is actually the name of the largest cave in the nearby regional town of Vratsa).
Attractions to visitors are the nearby Cherepish Monastery and “Prorok Iliya” Stroupets Monastery. Mezdra is a starting point to many trips and tracking routes along Iskar Gorge.

Photos from Mezdra


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