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Location: Montana is a regional centre situated 100 km from Sofia through Berkovitsa and 145 km north of Sofia through Botevgrad. Montana is located next to Ogosta River, not far from Ogosta Dam. The city is huddled between the foothill of the Balkan Mountain Range and the Danube river Plain. It is an important transport junction of Northwestern Bulgaria.

History: Settlements dating back to the stone and copper age were found in the region. During the early Iron Age a fortress was build in the site and a Thracian settlement emerged.
29 years BC the town was attacked by the Roman tribes and become a Romanian province called Mizia.
After the end of the great Roman Empire Montana becomes part of the territory of Byzantium. Later the slaves create a settlement called Kutlovitsa.
After 1450 the strategic location of the town attracted many Turks in the region and it became an Oriental centre of northwestern Bulgaria.
From 1891 until 1945 the town carried the name Ferdinand, after the Bulgarian kniaz of that time (Tzar from 1908).
From 1945 until 1993 the town was called Mihailovgrad after the name of Histo Mihailov one of the leaders of September 1923 Uprising in Northwest Bulgaria.

Places to visit: The Museum of History exhibits more that 50 000 exponents.
Kiril Petrov art gallery is known for its valuable works of art.
The remains of the ancient fortress Monata can be seen in the south- western part of the town perched on Kaleto/ Gradishteto Ridge, rising above the town.

Nearby sightseeing: Ogosta dam is situated southwest of the town, 3,5 km from the Bistrilitsa village. It is one of the biggest dams in Bulgaria. The region hosts numerous private villas and is suitable for recreation and sports.
“St Yoan Predtecha Lopoushanski Monastery” (st John the Precursor) is 20 km in western direction of the town. The national writer and poet Ivan Vasov is known as a recent visitor of the monastery.

Dining and Accommodation: Monatana offers great choice of entertainment and interesting sites for visitors. If you want to visit the town, please check out our list of hotels in the town and nearby situated resorts for information on accommodation in the region.
Many small restaurants offer high quality food in Montana. Several night clubs offer great party atmosphere if you with to go out for the night.

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