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Narechen Baths

Location: Narechen Baths is famous Spa resort in Bulgaria. It is 40 km south of Plovdiv and 38 km north of the mountain resort Pamporovo. The resort is located amid the magnificent pine forest on the lovely Assenitsa river in the Rhodope Mountain, at 620 – 660 m altitude.

Spa and Climate: There are several hot mineral springs in the region. “Ochno Izvorche” (Eye Spring) is famous with its healing work over the eye deceases. The mineral waters and the climate in Narechen Baths have favourable influence over the human constitution. The resort offers a modern base, sport facilities and parks.

Sightseeing: There are many beautiful and interesting historical and natural sites in the region of Narechen Baths. All day excursions and trips are being organized to Pamporovo and to the famous Bachkovo monastery, which is 15 km of Narechen. The highest monastery in Bulgaria “St. St. Peter and Paul” (1645 m above the sea level) is 29 km of the resort. Along the river valley of Assenitsa river is the only place where the unique plant - Rodopean Rose thrives.

Photos from Narechen Baths


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