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News September, 2012


New location for the National History Museum under the project “Bulgarian Louvre”

The idea for the National History Museum to be moved from Boyana residence into the Central Department Store (Tzum) is about to be realized.

The offer came from the director of the museum, Bozhidar Dimitrov, 3 years ago. According to his words, the National History Museum is one of the most visited in Sofia and will attract much more tourists if its location is in the central part of the capital.

Until now, the museum has been visited in Boyana residence, but its distance from the center...

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One of the oldest temples of the Sun found in Ohoden village, Bulgaria

A remarkable archaeological discovery was made in the northwestern part of Bulgaria. One of the oldest temples of the Sun was found in the village Ohoden, close to Vratsa town.

The studies carried out by archaeologist Georgi Ganetsovski reveal that the temple is 3000 years older than Stonehenge prehistoric monument. The sanctuary was used to determine the position of the Sun which makes it one of the earliest observatories. The inhabitants of the ancient village used the temple to calculate...

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Archaeological treasures displayed at Serdica II subway station

After the opening of the second Serdica subway line on 31st of August, citizens as well as tourists have the great opportunity to enjoy an unusual exhibition of ancient pottery and other excavations in Serdica subway station in Sofia.
New excavations, have been made outside the metro station, in the top center of the Bulgarian capital. They reveal the remains of ancient fortress walls, towers and ancient streets.
Many of the discovered artefacts are displayed behind glass walls in the subway...

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