Ten finalists in “EDEN – 952 – the nature meets you” contest


20 Bulgarian municipalities took part in the “EDEN – 952 – the nature meets you” contest and 10 of them went on the competition. All Municipalities will be listed in the new tourist map of Bulgaria. The winner will be chosen on the 13th of May 2009 in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. The winner will take part in the European issue of the contest in Brussels.

The project of Belitsa includes six eco trails in the “Rila” National park. Vratsa represents the natural phenomenon “Vratsata” as a tourist destination. The project includes eco routes, photo safari and sightseeing. The village of Byaga in Pazardzhik region, presents bio agriculture, which aims to keep the local vegetable sorts. The project of Kavarna is the development of “Yailata” archeological reserve with pedestrian and bike trails, safari, horseback riding, fishing, boat trips, diving and extreme tourism.

Krushary offers eco tours, photo safari and excursions to the rock monasteries in “Suhata reka” (The Dry River) project. “Vodopadite na Laky” (Laky Waterfalls) is another idea, which offers excursions to the remarkable waterfalls, and other natural phenomena. Sapareva Banya named its project “Rila Waterfalls – source of health and beauty”. “Strandzha” natural reserve popularizes the fire-dances and the architectural reserves in the mountain.

“St. Konstantin, Peshtera JSC” prepared a plan for the development of the science and educational tourism in the field of ecosystems and ethnographical tourism. Teteven Municipality presents Vasilyovska Mountain with its possibilities for hiking and eco tourism.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net