An ancient sorcererís village was discovered in the Rhodope Mountain

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An ancient sorcererís village was found by archaeologists during rescue excavations in the Rhodope Mountain. The scientists found almost 50 pits, where mysterious cult acts were taking place.

The site was inhabited during the eighth millennium B.C. and the sacrifices were committed until the late medieval ages.
The settlement comes under the trace of the trans-European corridor for Greece. Archaeologists found burned stones, pottery, parts of iron blades and pieces of raw meat.
The archaeologist Katya Melamed shared that there is a serious connection between a human and a stone, which are the main elements in this practice, fire, which purges and iron, which keeps the evil away. And of course an animal victim, which forms a mutual table between the deceased and the participants.

The sacrifice pits date back from the 12th century, but other similar pits were found nearby and are considered to be over 2 000 years old.

A settlement from the early Iron Age existed nearby the pits. Later on during the middle ages another settlement was founded. Two stone houses and a church prove that fact. The archeology excavation will continue during the next year and aim to discover the secrets of the ancient sorceress in the Rhodopes.



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