The Rila Lakes remain attractive for the tourists

VisitBulgaria.NET, information by HoReMAg

Despite the financial crisis, the Rila lakes remain the most visited tourism site in Bulgaria. During the summer season, the region was visited mainly by Bulgarian tourists. However tourists from the UK, Germany and Izrael are also attracted by the picturesque natural phenomenon.
At least 20 horses are permanently waiting in front of the “7 Rila lakes” chalet.

Tourists make a wish to come back to the site, by throwing a coin in the “Babreka” (the kidney) lake. Everyone is impressed by the clear waters of the “Salzata” lake (the tear), shared the guides. A special sense of uniqueness is also felt by the rest of the lakes – “Okoto”, “Bliznaka”, “Trilistnika”, “Ribnoto” and “Dolnoto” lakes (the eye, the twin, the trefoil, the fish and the low lakes).

Exotic tours along different routes are also offered to tourists. The longest route takes 6 hours and reaches the Rila monastery. The tourists are also attracted by the Malyovitsa part, which resembles a giant resting over the mountain, when observed from the lakes.



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