30 golf tour operators and journalists will visit the Bulgarian Golf resorts


Eight years, since the first participation of Bulgaria in the IGTM in 2002, 30 foreign golf tour operatorts and journalists will visit the leading golf clubs and resorts in Bulgaria in April this year.
The interest to the golf tourism in Bulgaria grew with the opening of several brand new golf courses and the advertisement of the Bulgarian golf resorts at the exhibitions in Marbeya and Malaga during the last 2 years. The Bulgarian golf tour operators organize these visits for their foreign colleagues from the IAGTO and journalists in April, to present the best of the golf industry in Bulgaria.

The black sea coastline offers 2 of the top golf courses in the region. “BlackSeaRama” Golf course was announced, the top brand new golf course in the world in 2019. The famous Gary Player announced that “Trachian cliffs” golf course will surely be among the top 5 golf resorts in Europe.

Except the golf courses in the Dobrudzha region the guests will visit also Albena, Golden Sands, cape Kaliakra, Balchik, Varna and Sofia.
The golf courses in Pravets, Ravno pole and "Pirin golf and country club" will be also presented to the attention of the guests. A strong prerequisite for the development of golf tourism in Bulgaria are the natural resources, culture and history inheritance.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net