Yahoo! Travel Magazine Ranks Bulgaria among Top 10 Destinations

Sofia News Agency, 07 April 2010

Bulgaria is among the top 10 most affordable destinations in the world according to the German-language Yahoo! Travel Magazine.

The other countries where Europeans can go a long way with their EUR for a memorable holiday are Malaysia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Croatia Turkey, Egypt and Hungary.

Meanwhile travel analysts expect that in 2010 the global tourist industry will return to its pre-crisis levels with growing interest towards the event tourism.

Bulgaria expects a significant influx around the Easter Holidays, mainly by Romanian tourists.

The beach resort Albena, which is the largest of those closest to the Bulgarian - Romanian border, expects about 3 000 visitors for the Easter holidays, with 90% of them Romanian.

Smaller resorts on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast also anticipate filling their hotels by offering discounts and bonuses.

200 tourists are expected in the town of Balchik while 50% of the beds of the vacation village adjacent to the beautiful “Balchik Palace” are already taken. The management expects to fill the base to full capacity by Romanians driving there without reservations.

The southern Black Sea coast also expects guests from Romania and Russia.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net