70 km route for culture tourism from Zlatograd to the beach of the Aegian sea

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The first group for the 70 km route for culture tourism from Zlatograd to the beach of the Aegian sea starts on 25 th April, announced Nikolai Ovcharov. The final destination is Avdira village, heir of one of the biggest cities from ancient times. Birth place of famous greek scientists like Protagor, Levkid, Demokrit and etc. The local archaeology museum preserves the findings of the local akropolis – golden and silver adornments and utensils, pottry. The road to the seaside is just about an hour and a half. The way back passess through the famous market in Xanti, said the archaeologists.

The complete sightseein tour n Bulgaria – Perperikon, Tatul and the houses from the revival period, takes around two- three days. The travel experts are preparing different tourism offers. The first information leaflet with the culture sites along the route will be issued after 15 – 20 days. Bulgarian and greek archaeologists plan to prepare a guide for culture tourism in the region of Smolyan, Haskovo, the mounth of Maritsa river to the White sea.

At the present moment the guides are mainly Bulgarians. At this stage everything is made by enthusiasts, but a serios government policy is needed to support the culture tourism in the country.



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