Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey Mull Joint Tourist Products

Sofia News Agency

Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey have renewed plans to unite their forces and launch regional tourist products as they struggle to overcome the crisis and attract more tourists.

This became clear during a meeting of representatives from the sector in the three countries, which is taking place at Porto Carras, Halkidiki, and was joined by more than 60 Bulgarian tour operators.

Travel and tour operators from Greece and Turkey voiced willingness to get involved in programs featuring Bulgarian ski and spa resorts. Joint initiatives can also be launched in the sectors of medical and religious tourism in a bid to promote the countries in far away destinations.

Bulgaria offers excellent conditions and experts but needs to promote itself better on the international tourism market, the Balkan experts recommended.

They singled out the visa regime as the main obstacle that weakens the flow of tourists.

Foreign tourists, who will go to Greece and Turkey this summer, can already combine their holidays there with a trip to nearby spa destinations in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has experienced a boom in its SPA industry over the last years and the odds are that the sector will continue to flourish.



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