Increasing number of foreign tourists to the Bulgarian mineral baths

Kamelia Krumova, 06 July 2010, information by money.bg

Tourists from Germany, Spain, Denmark are flocking in the spa resorts in Bulgaria. 187 from the health funds in Germany have applied for cooperation with the Bulgarian balneology resorts.

The health insurance funds have signed contracts and continue negotiating for healing procedures for their clients for September and October, announced by the Alliance of the Balneology medics in Bulgaria.

The biggest interest is towards the mud baths in Pomorie. The foreign funds prefer to send their patience in countries with cheaper medical services, as all procedures start with medical examinations and medical surveillance.

On the other hand the foreign patients prefer Bulgaria for the cheap hotels, food and services.

The deposits of healing mud in Varna, Pomorie and Balchik are unique for Europe. They have excellent mineral characteristics and are suitable for healing and prophylaxis of diseases of the locomotive system, psoriasis and gynecology problems.

The other advantage of Bulgaria is that 85% of our water supplies are with slight mineralization and are suitable for healing and prophylaxis of many diseases, compared to the European resorts which offer just 5% of this kind.



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