Underwater reefs will clean the Black sea coast

The project was developed by scientists form Varna and Ukraine, during the International Black sea science forum

Artificial underwater reefs will improve the ecology of the Black sea in Bulgaria, announced the head of the technical university in Varna. The project was developed by scientists from Varna and Ukraine during the International Black sea Science center.

The scientists have already received a permission to position the artificial equipment.
The idea of the project is to summon colonies of a black mussels, which are a natural filter for the sea. According to preliminary information, the equipment will be from 3 to 5 metres in diameter with weight over 4 tons. Most probably the constructions will be positioned at 10 to 18 metres under the water. They will have hemisphere shape with holes to allow the easy movement of the sea inhabitants.
The first artificial reefs will be placed nearby Sozopol, Sinemorest and Primorsko resorts. Scientists expect an increase of the number of crams and fishes in the regions.
The project will be financed by the National Fund for Scientific Researches.



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