Bulgaria has a huge potential for ornithology tourism

The geographic location and natural resources ranks Bulgaria among the countries with huge ornithology tourism potential. The country offers 420 species of birds – from 800 in whole Europe. The best sites for bird watching are along the Black sea coast and the Rhodope mountain. However, Bulgaria has still not set traditions in this field.
During the autumn and winter seasons interesting species can be seen in close vicinity to water basins, especially along the sea and the big dams. The sights are being chosen depending on whether certain species will be chased, or visitors are looking for maximum number of species, which is also known as “leisure” or “maniac” birdwatching.

Bulgaria offers a chance to observe maximum number of species for a very short time with relatively slight efforts. For example 32 of the extinct and most endangered species can be seen in Bulgaria. For comparison Belgum offers 7 species and Switzerland – 8.

According to experts, tourists searching for birdwatching, are mainly people from the middle class, and it is mostly popular among the British, Dutch, Netherland, German, Swiss, American, Belgian and Japanese tourists.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net