Bulgaria tipped as a 'must-see' destination by Lonely Planet


Bulgaria is recommended as one of the top ten “must see” destinations around the world, according to the travel experts form Lonely Planet. Bulgaria is listed together with destinations like Albania, Brail, Cape Verde, Panama, Vanuatu, Italy, Tanzania, Syria and Japan.

For those who looked, Bulgaria has always had its moments – in its biggest cities, on its snow-capped peaks and great-value ski fields, on its golden-sand beaches and in ancient Black Sea port towns. Yet, over the years, with history’s contribution, Bulgaria has got lost amid its more famous neighbours. From the south, the Ottoman soldiers of present-day Turkey ran Bulgaria for 500 years. Legendary toga-clad Greeks to the south mocked Bulgaria’s strong wines (before adopting the same).

More recently, the Romanians claimed the share of fame via distinguishing Latin bloodlines and Transylvania’s mystic, fangy appeal. Bulgaria sometimes feels like the odd guy out in this corner of Europe. But things are changing. Now proudly part of the 21st-century EU, Bulgaria has enjoyed more attention – and self confidence. Its ski slopes are de facto destinations for Europeans looking for cheaper alternatives, empty patches of lovely Black Sea beaches can still be found, and its quietly brilliant wine industry is flourishing. Whatever happens, Bulgarians will take it in their stride. As one local song goes, ‘We win, we lose…either way we get drunk, we’re Bulgarians!’ That oughta be on a T-shirt.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net