Bulgarian Winter Tourism Expects 5-10% Growth

Sofia News Agency, 18 Feb 2011

Bulgarian Minister on Economy, Energy and Tourism, Traicho Traikov, has stated the expected growth in tourism sector for the 2010/2011 winter season is 5-10%.

"Tourism is one of Bulgaria's economy sectors, which handled the recession the best," Traikov said Thursday at the opening of "Vacation & Spa Expo" in Sofia.

He said that the growth in the tourism sector in the country last year was 5%, while expectations for this year's winter season are for 5-10% increase.

In his words, forecasts for the summer season are also positive and the expected growth is also from 5% to 10%.

"At the beginning of the winter season big hotels and tour operators forecast that the recovery from the crisis in the sector will begin as soon as this year," Traikov said.

The minister added that the airports in Sofia and Plovdiv have started to receive more requests for charters from the United Kingdom and Russia. In his words, there is also an increase in the number of foreign tourists in Bulgaria.

He also said that the main proposals for the new Tourism Act would be for the creation of a National Tourism Organization, which is envisioned to unite all branch associations in the sector.

The act will also regulate the tourist zoning, which would give a specific appearance of every region. The purpose is to make Bulgaria a successful year-round destination.



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