Bulgarian hotels are number one in the world

tmbulgaria.com, 21.03.2011, 02:30 PM

Bulgarian hotels are number one in the world considering the correlation prices-quality, according to a rank in the web site hotel.info, based on a research among one million tourists for 210 000 hotels around the world, dw-world.de reported. Some foreign media like the Spanish Internet site Hosteltur.com and the Russian information agency RIA Novosti announce the same information, too.

Bulgaria has the best hotels in the world, as it receives the highest rating of 7,61 points out of 10, taking into account the correlation prices-quality among hotels. The country is being followed by Poland and the Czech Republic which results are 7,6 points. Third in the rank list is Hungary with 7,59 points.

Spain and Portugal take the seventh and eighth place, according to the tourists assessment of hotels.

The tourists who have taken part in the survey have answered the question: “How much are you delighted with the provided service, taking into account the price you have paid?”

Dissatisfied from the correlation prices-quality are people who have visited hotels in Finland, putting the country on the 18th place in the rank list. The other Scandinavian countries Sweden, Norway and Denmark don’t appear even in the list of the first 20 countries.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net