Foreign tourists are interested not only in ski and sea resorts in Bulgaria

tmbulgaria.com, 21.03.2011, 06:20 PM

Tourists who visit the Bulgarian winter ski and summer sea resorts are interested also in other tour sites in the country, said foreign tourists on a meeting with the minister of economy, energy and tourism Traicho Traikov in Bansko. The minister wanted to become familiar with the tourists' opinion of the winter resort, the country and the quality of the services.

The general point of view was that there is a picturesque nature and delicious traditional cuisine in Bulgaria. Britons said that everybody who has visited the country comes back. Russians prefer holiday packages, as they provide a good travel organization. The Israeli visit Bulgaria on their friends’ recommendations of the ski resort Bansko and the Rila lakes as a summer mountain destination.

Liberalizing the visa regime for Russian tourists is being considered. The tourist flow of Russian citizens to the country has a 30% increase in 2010.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net