Bulgarian Wine Declared Best in the World


Bulgarian red wine from the Minkov Brothers cellar has won for the first time in history the biggest world award in the industry. In competition with 12 250 wines from all over world the Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc from the Bulgarian cellar won the first prize at the Decanter World Wine Awards in London. This way the Bulgarian wine became one of the 180 best ones on the planet.

The Minkov Brothers cellar is situated near the town of Karnobat in Southeastern Bulgaria and was established in 1875. The cellar’s enologists combine the ancient technologies with the contemporary trends in wine making. The unique combination of climate and soils is an important factor for the development of the wine industry in the region of Karnobat.

The high quality of the wine and its unique taste made it a favorite of a number of experts in London. Journalist and wine expert Angela Muir was part of the jury at the competition and she dedicated an article to the Minkov Brothers cellar in the British magazine Decanter.

The enologist writes about the uniqueness of the Bulgarian wines and adds that the Cabernet Sauvignon&Cabernet Franc wine of Minkov Brothers cellars fulfills the Bulgarian promise for a successful return to the world wine arena.

Ms. Muir expressed satisfaction that the legendary Bulgarian cellar continues to develop wine culture in Bulgaria and present new and unknown types of wine to the Bulgarian market.

The awarded wine was made using a classic technology and matured in new French oak casks for 20 months. The wine was produced in limited quantity and is offered in the best Bulgarian restaurants, as well as the cellar itself.



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