American Air Aces Performed at the Graf Ignatievo Air Force Base

Kamelia Krumova, 25 July 2010

The Bulgarian air force marked 100 years anniversary with a spectacular air show at the Graf Ignatievo Air Force Base.
Demonstration group of the USA Air Force the “Thunderbirds” entertained guests and residents of Plovdiv at the Graf Ignatievo airport.

The air show started with parachute jumps. They were followed by a breathtaking demonstration, performed by the “Thunderbirds”. Six airplanes F16 showed thrilling aerobatic maneuvers and fairly deserved the laud applause of the audience.
The show was stopped due to the strong wind and shower rains, but definitely impressed everyone who attended the event.

The nex6 air show in Plovdiv will be BIAF 2011, planned to take place at the Krumovo airport between 02 – 04 September 2011.



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