Tangibly More Foreign Tourists Visited Bulgaria in Q2 2011


Data from the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute (NSI) is confirming the various reports that Bulgaria's tourism sector is enjoying a very strong summer season in 2011.

The total revenue from tourist accommodation (i.e. hotel room and apartment stays) in Bulgaria in the second quarter of 2011 reached BGN 165.3 M, an increase of 14.4% year-on-year compared with the same quarter of 2010, NSI announced Thursday.

The accommodation income from foreign tourists in Q2 is reported to have increased by 16.1%, while that from Bulgarian tourists by 10.3%.

The total number of hotel stays in the second quarter has reached 4.524 million, an increase by 761 000 (20.2%) compared with the same period of 2010. Of those, 1.454 million came from Bulgarian citizens (an increase by 13.6%). The hotel stays by foreign tourists grew by 23.6%.

The most impressive growth was registered with tourists from Ukraine (70.5%), Croatia (101.7%), Serbia (72.4%), Hungary (65.1%), and Estonia (112%), while hotel stays in Bulgaria by citizens of Portugal declined by 35%, Cyprus 32%, Luxembourg 30%, France 23%.

According to NSI, a total of 3 226 accommodation places with more than 10 beds functioned in Bulgaria in April-June 2011 with 112 600 rooms, and 246 400 beds.

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