Bulgaria is announced top Virgin money family destination 2013

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Virgin Money recommended Bulgaria as a destination for family travel for 2013.
Bulgaria is recommended for its low costs yet high quality experiences, in particular for the tour of the Rhodope Mountains.

The report mentions the country’s popular skiing resorts, which attract thousands of tourists from all over Europe and the world, with world-class amenities and services, at a fraction of the cost. But there’s much more to recommend Bulgaria as a year-round destination.

With the Vitosha mountain right at its doors, the capital, Sofia (София), claims to be the ideal destination for families looking for a good place to ski in the winter, or for those who enjoy hiking expeditions in the summer. The capital is a strange mix of European and Communist-style architecture, but it is charming, nevertheless, and fortunately has managed to preserve many medieval treasures, and some of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in this part of the world. One of these churches, Hagia Sophia (named so because during the Ottoman rule it was used as a mosque), gave its name to the city in the 14th century. For a breathtaking religious art experience, see the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

And then, there’s Varna (Варна) – for families who’d rather enjoy a day at the beach. Here you can take a leisurely stroll in the Sea Garden, or visit the local archaeological museum, to discover some of Bulgaria’s precious treasures. 18 km westwards from Varna you’ll discover a curious natural phenomena, called the Stone Forest, by the locals, or the “petrified forest.” Whatever you choose to call it, they are close to Bulgaria’s premier seaside resort, and a must if you are in the area.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net