Bulgaria marks Enyovden

VisitBulgaria.net, June 24, 2013

Enyovden (June 24) is a festival connected with the summer solstice.

On Midsummer Day the sun is believed to end its journey towards summer and, after giving three jumps it turns towards winter. There was a popular belief that the herbs gathered on the eve of Enyovden have stronger healing powers than those gathered on any other day of the year, so female herbalists and sorcerers roamed the woods and meadows that night to collect herbs. According to the tradition, on Enyovden children and adults roll in dewy fields and have a bath in rivers and brooks in the woods. The women twine flowers and herbs into a wreath and everybody passes through it three times as a ritual for health and fertility.
The day is associated with the collection of herbs for medicine and magic.

Bulgaria’s herbs exports amount to BGN 30 million annually and thereby rank first in Europe, data of the national herbs and mushrooms association shows. The largest share of our exports is of nettle, which is mainly used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing of dietary supplements for the treatment of many diseases, Bulgaria on Air informed. For Bulgarians treatment with natural herbs is significantly cheaper than foreigners who use our plants. The price of 250 grams of mix costs about BGN 10, which is nearly 30% cheaper than the price abroad.



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