Bulgarian wine triumphed with a gold medal at Alliance du Monde- France

information by FOCUS Information Agency, November 11, 2013

Le Photographe – Syrah, made from grapes from the Karnobat area, was placed fourth in the Top 10 of best wine producers, earning Bulgaria’s only gold medal in the competition. Minkov Brothers stands in the Top 10 along with famous wine cellars from France, Spain, and Australia.
Oenologists from the prestigious competition unanimously awarded the modern series Le Photographe with the only gold medal for Bulgaria.

The recognition is unprecedented in Bulgaria’s modern wine history and places the syrah of Minkov Brothers wine cellar among the best wines in the world from this impressive variety. The founders of Alliance du Monde – France are some of the most prominent oenologists in Europe, and the awards they give are considered as a universal standard for quality. That is why the grades of the jury are a proof for the value of the winning wines, according to participants in the event.

The French wine critics stated that, Le Photographe – Syrah impresses with the modern style and combines all unique characteristics of the terroir of the Karnobat area. The rich soils give the wine a unique mineral flavor, characteristic only for the highest-quality wines, produced in top European style. The aroma includes invaluable shades of dark chocolate and ripe sour cherry, essential for the sort.

According to Alliance du Monde’s oenologists, the Syrah of Minkov Brothers is a magnificent example for a wine, whose quality is achieved solely thanks to the natural blessings of the fruitful region, while the technological intervention is extremely small. This fact brings additional value to the gold medal, because it corresponds to the trend of consuming wines made in an environmental friendly way. That is exactly why Minkov Brothers wine cellar selected the famous Terziyski Bair area for planting the Syrah grapevines, as the rich soils, lavish sunshine, and specific terrain contribute to the richness, balanced taste, and deep garnet-red colour of the wine. The wines from Le Photographe series made their debut on the Bulgarian market in the beginning of the year, and from the very start were declared as the best wines on the Balkans at the prestigious Balkan International Wine Competition.

The wine series is inspired by photographic art and is dedicated to all artists, whose talents and work bring joy to the senses. As oenologists also belong to this group, the wines from Le Photographe series are a virtual compliment of the Minkov Brothers wine cellar to all wine virtuosos, who establish Bulgaria on the global wine scene.



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