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Location: Obzor is situated to the south of Dvoinitsa River, at the foot of the easternmost mountain spurs of the Eastern Balkan Range, 40 km north-east of Nesebar, at an altitude of 65 m. The existence of afforested mountain slopes and the long beach strip provides favourable conditions for recreation.

History: The origins of the town, which the ancient Greeks knew as Heliopolis ("town of the sun"), can be seen in the small park of Obzor. The park is lined with columns and statuary fragments from a Roman temple to Jupiter, which once graced the spot. The Romans also built a fortress in the vicinity to protect their sea trading routes between Constantinople and the Danube. Medieval Bulgarians constructed their own Kozyak fortress nearby.

Obzor is known as a climatic sea resort and is suitable for any kind of climatic treatments. The nice bay of Obzor starts north of Saint Atanas and reaches the Emine Mountain to the South. The sea is shallow and warm. The beach is nearly 6 km long and has fine sand. Recently the resort has been developing pretty fast. many comfortably small hotels are built, restyaurants and places for entertainment as well.

Vicinities: South of Obzor, the highway courses for 14 kilometers through open vineyards and the heavily wooded Balkan range to Cape Emine, which overlooks the Bay of Nessebar. Bulgaria's stormiest cape has a lighthouse and the ruins of a medieval fortress and monastery. Today, a deserted church is the only remaining structure. The nearby hamlet of Emona had a Thracian sanctuary and, later, a temple to Jupiter. The name of the medieval Bulgarian fortress, Emona, was derived from Aemon, the ancient name for the Balkan Mountains.

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