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Location: Ognyanovo village is situated in the western part of Rodope Mountain, 200 km south of Sofia, 100 km southeast of the district town Blagoevgrad and 12 km east of Gotse Delchev. There are 24 mineral springs in the region with average temperature of 39° - 40° C. The microclimate is specific for the area, due to the florescence of the natural acacia plants and the local currents by the Valley of Kanina River. The nature in the region is extremely beautiful.

Balneology: The mineral waters are concentrated in two spring fields:
Krairechno (near the river) – it is situated 1.5 km north of Ognyanovo in the region of so called Town Baths and “Ognyanovo” prophylaxis centre;
Kraiselsko (near the village) - 600 m north of the village, near the so called Village Baths. Modern prophylaxis centre and holiday complex are built there.

History: The mineral springs had attracted people to settle the region since ancient times. Tis is proved by the ruins of the roman fortress, not far away from the village.

Sightseeing: The ruins of the Roman town Nikopolis ad Nestrum (IV century A. C.) are very important historical monument. Another precious site of cultural and historical significance is the museum–village Kovachevitsa. It keeps the specific Rodopian architecture from the National Revival Period.

Photos from Ognyanovo


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